MYSNKU Sunglasses

sunglasses black

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Since I have migraines all the time, these will come in very handy. I need dark glasses to block out most of the light, especially if I am trying to drive. These are super dark glasses and I love them!

They are not polarized so they don’t mess with me using my phone or computer. I find these easy to work with.

They are a very sturdy frame made out of a composite type of plastic.

They block the harmful rays of the sun UVA/UVB and they come with a cleaning cloth and storage bag.

All in all a very nice pair of glasses! I would recommend to all my friends!

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Emergency Match Lighter

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Match lighter


My Survival kit loves this!

Well, I do! It is great in my kit, I can use this when I go hiking and or get stuck in the woods!

This is small and compact so that I can take it with me without using the valuable room in my go bag.

It has a keychain clip on the outside for hooking it to a D-link on my go bag or purse. It is durable and easy to use.

This is going to be very handy in an emergency situation if I need a fire! I love this!

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10 Piece Animal Finger Puppets

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finger puppets

These ten piece finger puppet animal puppets are adorable! They make my grandson laugh and that is exactly what I wanted!

They are fairly durable and very bright so that they will hold the baby’s attention! I can play with one or all ten at the same time!

These are small enough to put on my fingers and yet large enough for baby to see and enjoy all the bright colors.

They are soft, made out of velvet like material, with no hard edges! I do recommend, however, not to let the baby have them to put in their mouth. They are small and might cause a choking hazard!

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3D Round Curling/Styling Brush

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round brush

This Curling comb/brush is perfect for styling hair with or without a hairdryer. Its round design lets me curl my thick wavy hair under or in ringlets, and brushes through my hair with ease.

It is made of a hollow design so it is lightweight and doesn’t get hot when I am using the hairdryer.

It is ergonomically designed on the handle making it easy for me to hold, and since it isn’t huge I don’t get cramps trying to brush my really long hair!

It works in my thick wavy hair so I have no doubt it will do fine in someone’s hair that is not so thick. I really like this brush!

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Non-Slip Transparent Plastic Hook

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strong plug hook


These Strong non-slip transparent plastic hooks are terrific for holding my plugs from my appliances when I have them unplugged. Now I can put them in this hook and I will know where the plug is and it won’t just dangle off my counter!

It also works for my keys by the door and holding my phone while I cook in the kitchen.

These are transparent so they don’t mar the look of your walls. I used mine on the ceramic tiles in my kitchen with great success and also beside my door on the smooth wood molding. (it’s actually plastic)

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Reusable Coffee Mug with Non-Slip Sleeve

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reusable coffee mug

This reusable coffee cup with lid and the non-slip sleeve is perfect for taking with me in my car.  It’s easy to handle because it isn’t big, and fits perfectly into my cup holder!

I love that is is dishwasher and microwave safe, and BPA free! The lid fits tight so there are no drips, and it has a lid for the mouth hole also!

I also love that it comes with a 365-day warranty that includes a replacement or your money back. It is very durable and lightweight.

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USB Fast Charging Cord Type C

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USB Type C


This USB Cable type C cord is a fast charger! It fits my Samsung Galaxy S9 Great and works wonderfully!

I take this one with me to use with my external chargers and the one in the car. My phone charges fast and I have it when I need it!

This cord moves freely with my phone and so far after using it constantly for over a week, it has not had any problems!

I love that they have a 12-month warranty! That is definitely a great peace of mind!

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In-Ear Earbuds for Music

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in ear white earbuds

These In-Ear earbuds are great for listening to my music. They are lightweight so easy to use when I am doing my workout!

They are of good quality. They are wired, so if you want Bluetooth ones, don’t get these! However, if you don’t mind the wires, they are super good quality for sound, and very light so they don’t even pull on my ears. They have a standard plugin, and they fit my Samsung Galaxy S9.

I love that they have an 18month warranty and the customer service will answer you within 24 hours! That is great peace of mind!

They fit nicely into my round hard case so they stay in great shape and are ready to use!

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Portable Single/Double Camping Hammock

camping hammock

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This single/double hammock is comfortable and lightweight. It is made of durable material and is comfortable to lie in!

This comes with the tree straps so that you can use it on the trees and not hurt the tree by using a tiny rope that will cut into it.

It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is a great hammock to take with you if you go backpacking because it folds up into a very small pouch with everything in it. You could also take it camping with you and just relax. I have it in my bug out bag so I will have a place to sleep.

I love the color and it is fade resistant. It comes with a carabiner to hook it to your backpack.

This is a fantastic hammock with all the right things to make it awesome!

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Fast USB C Charging Cable


Amazon Link USB C cord

This USB C fast charging/data transfer cable is great! it is 6 feet long so I don’t have to be tied to my outlet.

It is lightning quick and even though I bend it a lot hasn’t lost any of it’s charging power, or broke. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and I am forever losing or breaking my cords, or I get them and they are not fast enough.

So this is a great cord. I don’t wait forever for my phone to charge!

They have a 24-month warranty policy so that is a great peace of mind. All in all a good fast charging cord!

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