Pixicade Party


Total concentration!

This party was so fun! I was supposed to get a group picture but everyone was so intent on their coloring and drawing that they wouldn’t get up for one.

This is a #BitOGenius because all you have to do is draw a picture (any age from at least 4) snap a picture with the free app, and use the pixicade board to make your picture a video game! It really is that easy! You get the pixicade board from Amazon and Walmart and look around there might be more! You can get the free companion app on the play store and the apple store! You are pretty well set after that. Bring out the paper to draw on and either use the markers that are included in the Pixicade kit or get some of your own and draw away. Be sure to scan the QR code on the box with your app so that you can use all of the parts of this wonderful app!

This is so easy even a child can do it! My four year old grand daughter was drawing and playing with it. There were adults ranging from age 19 to 72 and not a one of them thought this was too boring! It is a perfect way to get out of the phone and make something of your own. This could be the start of a coding and gaming career for some of the younger ones that haven’t exactly decided yet. After this party our 17 year old grandson was talking about how fun this was and wanting to be able to build games for himself. See? A start!

This was a fun day and a great way to get together and do something. I enjoyed watching and participating and my guests were so intent they didn’t even look up when I was taking pictures! Way to go Pixicade!

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This Game is a blast!

This new OP game Hues and Cues is just a blast! It kept us guessing and laughing for the whole time we played it! If you think it is going to be easy you might just think again! It will have your brain thinking and twisting like you have never done! Try to come up with a one word clue that will give your players an idea of what and where the color you have chosen is! If they don’t guess in the first round with the one word clue, you then get to come up with a two word clue that will give them a better hint!

We laughed when the answer was revealed, and saw how close or far away our guesses were. The game is set up for up to ten players and is easy enough for the crowd I had playing. Our ages ranged from 5 to 61 years old. The five year old needed help from her parent, but she was eager and happy to just sit there and play with us. The rest of us were racking our brains for clues while the players guessed what the color might possibly be.

The game is very well set up and has everything you will need to play. The pieces are small and the game board is large. It folds up easily and fits into an nice square sturdy box so that you can play again on another family game night.

This will definitely find it’s way on our table again and again! I reccommend this highly!

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This is a beautiful and well made solar lantern. It has a 600 mAh battery that is charged from the sun, and a rotating light inside that changes colors and projects out the sides of the iron lantern. The light turns on automatically in the dark and off during the day to charge.

The lantern is waterproof and painted with patriotic colors. It says USA and God Bless America when it projects out the side, as well as making a star pattern. It has a hemp rope handle that you can hang the lantern from or just for decoration.

There is a 180 days protection policy that will give you a great peace of mind when buying this. If there is a problem you can contact the seller and they will work with you to fix the problem.

Isolation.. so far, safe

I have been in isolation with my significan’t other since March 19th, 2020.. A date I will not forget. This is a year I won’t soon forget..

Isolation was many things in the beginning, scary for one, disheartening for an other, just plain depressing mostly. The thought of not seeing my grandchildren, my children, my fur grandbabies, my friends, going out to eat, doing anything normal.. is … well.. depressing! But then again, so is the thought we could die from this virus!

From the beginning, if we had to go out for anything, we wore masks and gloves, from the beginning, even when no one around us was taking this seriously, we did.. and we are safe, so far.

We are in the list of compromised, the high-risk category, the ones that if we got sick with this Coronavirus, we would probably not make it. So we took every precaution we could. We stayed home, no visitors, and when we did have to go out, we wore gloves and masks and brought clorox wipes to wipe down surfaces like grocery carts. And then…

They started opening up our state little by little about a couple weeks ago.. Not my county, but parts of the state.. So, did the people of my county take a hint and stay in their county and wear masks? No, they did not…

In the wisdom of small children, who do not think that rules apply to them, the people of my county decided to go to open counties, and states and enjoy the fruits of the residents good behavior, and then come back to our county.. the people of my county (and many others in many states) decided that wall-to-wall packed protests were safe.. most did not wear a mask and almost all were not following the 6-foot social distancing rule.

Now, after all of the galavanting around state-to-state and all over our state in the open counties, (and this was going on in all the states, not just mine) There is a huge uptick in cases. people are suffering again, and for some who got sick early on, still. I am still in isolation, still wearing my mask and gloves if I have to go out, and still not going out unless it is essential.

Am I afraid? yes… more so than I show at any given time, and I cry for the ones lost, some very famous, some just regular people like me, but all were worthy of living. Covid-19 is not racsist, it doesn’t attack by color or creed or religion, it wants everyone.. young, old, and in-between.. Please be safe out there.. stay safe…

… I am, so far…

No Place Like Home

Theres no place like home


I know I have said it a thousand times. Felt it in the bottom of my soul, but there it is, there really isn’t any place like home! But I think I have jumped too far ahead of myself…  there.. let’s go back, far back… back in the day before ketchup back! (Okay maybe not THAT far but you get the idea!)

Growing up I was moving all the time. There never seemed to be someplace stable for very long. we lived all over the United States and in several other countries. Yes, you guessed it military! I am forever grateful for the opportunity that I had to see the places I have been to, but moving and always being the new kid wasn’t easy. Every time we arrived someplace new there was a new school and a new bully. Every bully had to test me for whatever reason. I am not a pacifist, however, I am not a fighter either. So there you have it! It became a battle of the wills. Sometimes I would fight, only once, and that would settle it. Most times I just tried really hard to avoid the fighting. All Times it made me feel tainted in some way like there was something wrong with me! Why else would they want to fight me?

The places I have seen were wonderous in my eyes. The people and the dress were magical. Market places full of fascinating and awe-inspiring items to make a child’s mind spark with imagination. There were also some things that were dark to my mind, but normal to the indigenous people who lived there.  All in all, I look back at that time with a sense of longing and wonder. The places I traveled and lived for short periods of time are places I may never get to see again. I am not sorry about the traveling and seeing, only that I never had a place I could call home.

Home, that is the place you feel safe and loved in. It may be a town or maybe it’s a house you live in that has been your home for years. A sense of longing to come back to. A place that when you leave it, you miss it. Through my years, no place really felt like this until now. I have been here where I am for 42 years. NOW I have a home. The house I am living in has been my home for 21 of those 42 years. This is home. This is the place I long to be back in when I leave. This is the place I think of when I am away, and this is the place I am glad to come back to. No matter how you look at it, cut it, slice it, analyze it, there really is no place like home!


Amazon Link to Anglotte Bluetooth earpiece


I am always in need of new Bluetooth earpieces! So when I saw this one I decided to give it a try.

I need one that works… CHECK! I need one that is Bluetooth… CHECK! I need one other people can hear ME on… CHECK! I need one that doesn’t hurt my ear… CHECK! I need one that I can hear OTHER PEOPLE on… CHECK! so, this one seems to have it all!

This is a very lightweight earpiece, so it fits in my ear, (Either ear)  and stays there without hurting it. I can hear the people talking to me and they can hear me talking to them. This is a fantastic benefit! No joking, I cannot tell you how many of these I have gotten and either I couldn’t hear the person on the other end, or they couldn’t hear me!

This is a 5.0 Bluetooth, wireless of course, and pairs with either Android or iPhone. It is easy to charge and the charging cable comes with it! This supports both Siri and Google Voice assistant, making it adaptable to any phone you have. It has a great sound and noise cancellation so if you are in a noisy place you can still hear your phone call!

This earpiece comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.. either 30 days, or a 12-month warranty. That is literally putting your money where your product is!  With this kind of satisfaction guarantee, you can feel confident in buying this and giving it a shot. I did, and I am very glad I did…

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The Unboxing!



This little girl was ecstatic to get not one but TWO dolls just before her birthday! These are the Boxy Girls dolls. They come with boxes of accessories and stickers that make playtime even more fun.

She did have a bit of trouble getting the dolls out of the box, but once she did she had a blast discovering what was in each and every box! She was definitely not disappointed!

These dolls are very well constructed and very beautiful and brightly colored. They catch the imagination of the little kids. There are many accessories in the boxes. So much fun to watch her unbox them!

I would absolutely recommend these to anyone with a child who loves dolls!

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MYSNKU Sunglasses

sunglasses black

Amazon Link

Since I have migraines all the time, these will come in very handy. I need dark glasses to block out most of the light, especially if I am trying to drive. These are super dark glasses and I love them!

They are not polarized so they don’t mess with me using my phone or computer. I find these easy to work with.

They are a very sturdy frame made out of a composite type of plastic.

They block the harmful rays of the sun UVA/UVB and they come with a cleaning cloth and storage bag.

All in all a very nice pair of glasses! I would recommend to all my friends!

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Emergency Match Lighter

Amazon Link

Match lighter


My Survival kit loves this!

Well, I do! It is great in my kit, I can use this when I go hiking and or get stuck in the woods!

This is small and compact so that I can take it with me without using the valuable room in my go bag.

It has a keychain clip on the outside for hooking it to a D-link on my go bag or purse. It is durable and easy to use.

This is going to be very handy in an emergency situation if I need a fire! I love this!

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