Electric Hover Ball

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electric hover ball

This Electric Hover Ball is amazing and fun! It has LED lights and music making it a complete toy!

This is geared for Children or Adults ages 6+ years of age. It does take 4 AA batteries. It has a foam bumper to prevent it from marking the walls and giving it a soft area to bump off of on rebounding.

This floats above the floor by air on any smooth surface, by just giving it a little kick. SO much fun!!

This is a fun an durable toy, that will be enjoyed by all ages! Get one for a gift and one to keep! This is contagious!

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Nicgid Sling Bag Crossover ~ Navy

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sling bag

This is a very nice sling bag, that can be used for either a mini backpack for school, work gym or other ideas, or it can be a great purse! I am going to use it as a purse to replace the one that is falling apart. I don’t think this one will fall apart any time too soon. It is very rugged and made of durable nylon and webbing. The zippers are strong and work well, and have great zipper pulls.

There are so many pockets in this bag, that after loading all my stuff in there, I could not remember where I had put everything. There is even a pocket on the side that unzips and has a web holder in it for holding a water bottle or your phone. It has an adjustable strap and the strap has cool webbing on it to prevent you from sweating.  There are organizing pockets inside the pockets and even a hole for your earbuds to go through.  If you don’t want to sling this across your shoulder you can just carry it by the straps on the top.

This comes in several colors. I chose Navy. The color is true and vibrant.  The stitching on this is fantastic and will hold for a very long time. This is really by far one of the most rugged backpack purses that I have seen in a very long time. The last one I had was half this size and it only lasted a few months. I don’t see this one wearing out real soon.

After loading everything in this as my purse, it is still not too heavy and is very comfortable to wear once it is on. I am very happy with this bag. If you are looking for a bag for anything that you can think of including a purse or day hiking or college, this is a great choice!

I was given a discount on this item, however, all thoughts and opinions contained in this review are true and honest, and my own!

Losing Lucy…

dads favorite taunka picMemorial video by Nashoba Accalia

When you lose a fur baby,  you lose your heart…  …Finding it again may be hard…

When we lost Tataunka Lynn, Lucy Loo, Lootz, Taunka, baby girl, sweet thing… etc (She had more nicknames than you can imagine and she knew every single one) We lost our heart.. She was the love of our lives… She was beautiful and smart and sweet and loved you all day long… She was also very protective which surprised me since she was such a love! This beautiful Lab loved her babies too… She would collect them like her nicknames, including mine that I got for anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day etc.. and you know what? I was glad to let her have them.

I miss her with every fiber of my being. There isn’t a part of me that isn’t crying and aching to hold her again.  I want to pet her soft fur, the softest I have ever felt. She was half Black Lab and half chocolate Lab.  Taunk was Brindled up her front paws and on her face until she aged and she turned gray on her face. She even got these funny little grey eyebrows she didn’t have before… It just made her even more beautiful.

Lucy Lynn was so smart too… She knew who “Mom” and “Dad” were, and we could tell her to take something to the other and without hesitation she did, she could open my refrigerator, she could pick up her babies and put them in their box, and of course she knew all the tricks.  She was a sponge when it came to learning. I believe she could have learned anything if we had just taken the time to teach her.

Her favorite things, were us, her babies, ice cream, food, swimming, and fetching, in that order…  At night we would lie on our recliner couch and she would lie between us and switch her head from Dads lap to mine… I usually got her tail end though.. Even she had a preference.  We always shared our healthy snacks with her, never anything she shouldn’t have.  We loved her so much it wasn’t possible to give her the things she wanted and we knew she couldn’t have. Every morning she got her cookies. It was her routine. Outside .. back in.. “Mom where are the cookies??? Huh?? Well???” Hopping up and down and wiggling all over.

She had our hearts in a grip tighter than gorilla glue… The love we felt for her was given a thousand times over from her… She was so special! She was the third arm, leg, head of this group… She went everywhere with us… She was a part of our family. Losing her tore our hearts out.  The tears that flow could float a boat to Heaven… To the Rainbow Bridge… I wish…

“What will I do? You know I’m only half without you
How will I make it through?

If only tears could bring you back to me
If only love could find a way”
What I would do, what I would give if you
Returned to me, someday, somehow, someway
If my tears could bring you back to me”  If only tears could bring you back… Midnight Sons

I know I can never have you back my sweet baby girl… I am trying to heal, I am trying to learn to love again, I know that is what you want… If I could somehow reinvent you I would and have another 13 years with you, petting, loving, sharing, being family…



summer swing snorkel.jpg

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French’s has a Ketchup?

French's ketchup

YES!!! French’s has a Ketchup! Who would have thought? I sure didn’t! I got this sample from CrowdTap and of course I have to try it! I am thinking to myself, French’s mustard is great.. but French’s has always made mustard.. not Ketchup! That would be like that Baked Bean company making spaghetti sauce, right?? However, I have never turned my nose up at a challenge and this isn’t going to be the time I do.

So, Having said all that, I opened the cool bottle and tried it.. AMAZING! It wasn’t super sweet like others I have tried, it had a semi sweet tangy taste that pleased my taste buds.. The bottle was a great idea, it was upside down and had a flat top for standing upright in the fridge.. That was automatically a pleaser to me, since I dislike having to beat my bottles up trying to get that last drop out and I CERTAINLY dislike wasting anything.

So you want my honest opinion about a mustard company’s ketchup? Here it is..

I will buy it again, I will eat it often and I will most definitely recommend this to my friends, family and anyone else who will listen! Maybe that baked bean company COULD make spaghetti sauce!

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Depression shouldn’t be depressing…

Me and Toby

I don’t think I can remember a day in my life that I was really happy.  I blamed it on many different things, a bad day, an owie, stress, my parents fighting, the divorce, the abuse, whatever was going on in my life at the time. The reality was I was sick. Sick with a mental disorder that wasn’t being treated or even acknowledged. I wasn’t diagnosed with the mental disorder and treated for it until I was in my early twenties. Even though I had a complete meltdown when I was sixteen.

My life consisted of so many different parts, so many areas that were dark or dreary. I can’t even begin to tell you of all of them. Some days I sit and think of all the scary hurtful things that happened in my life and wonder how I made it into adulthood. I know I didn’t make it there without a lot of problems inside. The crying or lack of it, no smiles, no emotion, or so much that I was overwhelmed. It seemed that either I was closing off my emotions or there was a flood of them that I couldn’t stop.

So what do I do? What could I do? What happened? Pills… I was finally diagnosed with a form of bi polar with manic episodes, and a few other things that most of us couldn’t pronounce and have no idea what it is.. I went to a psychiatrist and talked for hours and hours.. And then that psychiatrist gave me pills.. lots of them. I took them and lived in an area of my mind that didn’t have anything to do with the real world. I smiled because that was expected. but inside I was dying and hurt. And then I blew up..

There were so many pills, that I would sleep for hours and hours, sometimes twenty-four hours or more and then live in a fog after I woke up. When I was awake, and I didn’t take the pills that made me sleep, I was crazy. There is no other term that fits what was going on in my life.  My poor children. My poor family. I ran, I cut , I screamed, I yelled, I absolutely went berserk and flipped out. All I remember of that time is a jumble. I have scars all over my body from the cutting, the crazy need to let out that pain. And still.. with all the pills I was taking I wasn’t even close to being happy…

The things that came the closest to making me happy and feeling human again, were my dogs and my children and my significant other, and one very special rat named Creeper. But they couldn’t stand to be around me, even as much as they loved me, and I was going to lose them all. Then one day I decided the pills were making me nuts, because every time I had a side effect from one, they would prescribe me another to counteract that, and the circle would begin again.  At one time I was on eleven different medications. ENOUGH!

I started taking myself off of all of them except one. The ONE that was also for my seizures, and worked to help calm the bi polar symptoms. When I was completely off all of them except that one, I went into my med nurse and handed her all of the left over meds. I told her I didn’t want to be on anything except the one I was still on. SHE told me there was no way it would last and I would be back begging to be on them again. That was over fifteen years ago.

I have stayed off all the psychiatric drugs since then except the same one I stayed on. The dose hasn’t changed since I got off all the other drugs. I am so much calmer and easier to get along with now. Yes, I still have days I feel down and cry. However they don’t last for long and I can usually get myself out of that dark place with a little help from my friends.. My children and dogs and significant other (yes, the same ones) can stand to be around me now. I am happier.. and I finally realized I can have bi polar manic depression, and still be happy, WITHOUT being in a drug induced state of mind..

Xtreme Bike Kit

xtreme bike kit


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So you got a bike? Well let me tell you something very important! Get a bike kit.. one with a pump and a light for front and back and a lock! The best one that I have found so far is the Xtreme Bike Kit and it has everything in it.

There is a cable lock and the lock has a rubber encased cable that is virtually impossible to cut. It is also lighted which makes it so easy to open it when it is dark outside. It comes with a front light and a rear red light. This will make it legal to ride at night and also keep you safe because the cars can see you. They are well made quality items. The front light takes four AAA batteries, that are not included in the kit. The back light has a battery included and is a red light with three modes. There is also a bike tire pump that can attach to your bike frame. This makes it super convenient because they are all attached to your bike and portable. This way when you have a low tire you can fill it up right there! All in all this is a fantastic set that will also make a terrific gift!

I was given this Xtreme Bike Kit at a free price for my honest review and all opinions in here are my own.

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How I Became a Teddy Bear


It started like any other day.. Joyful and happy .. But then….

I couldn’t really hear what was going on, after all my ears weren’t very developed.. But I could hear the pain, and the fear. I wanted to tell my Mom and Dad that it was going to be okay, afterall being an angel is a really high honor! They didn’t hear me, and Dad was crying and trying to be so strong for Mom, who was trying to be so strong for me.. Man I loved them both so much! I could feel my heart swell with the love..

I was in a little bed.. Then a very nice lady brought me to my mom and dad, and I was warm and in their arms..We were all in that small room, and I could feel their heart breaking, and I asked God why I had to leave them.. He told me “Son, you will never leave them, you will always be there in their hearts and memories” I said “God, Father, Is there no way I could stay? No way that I could relieve just some of this pain from them?” God sat and thought about it for a while, and then he said “You have an Aunt who will give you back to them, but not as you are now” I said ” I don’t think I understand God, how will she give me back to them?” God looked at me and smiled with that very warm and loving smile and said “My son, you will become a Teddy Bear, and they will have you to hold for as long as they want” .. I smiled, because I knew it would help them heal..

After the conversation with God, I just floated around watching the people in my room.. I knew that they were in pain, and there were many tears.. I wanted to reach out and touch them and tell them I was okay and I would never leave them, however, there was no way to do that then.. My aunt was there, she took pictures for my Mom and Dad to have forever.. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever! I hadn’t seen anything yet! My Mom and Dad weren’t rich by any means, but they had so much love it wouldn’t have mattered and I knew I would have always had what I needed, and even some of what I wanted.. They were crying because they had envisioned a life ahead with me to hold and to play with, the smiles and the tears, and everything that went into growing up.. Then the unthinkable happened.. I was born too early.. My Dad kept saying how perfect I was, my Mom and My Aunt how beautiful, My gramma and Grandpa, and my other gramma all were sad and love was pouring out to me.. but it wasn’t enough.. God said he needed an angel, and I had to come home.. but to ease their pain, God had a plan.. He always does, even though we can’t always see it.. And there it was.. the plan..

My Aunt was handing some money to my Mom and Dad.. a gift she said, so that you can get something special for him.. and they did.. They went to the place where babies like me rest and go to heaven, and the part of me that would never leave was given to them.. They picked out a warm happy Teddy Bear. Double hearts because of all the love.. and a beautiful silver box where that part of me that doesn’t get to go to heaven would stay forever with my Mom and Dad, and all my sisters and brothers.. I would be from that day forward a Teddy Bear that everyone could hold and love, and I knew that I would be with them..

That is the day I became a Teddy Bear!

(a short story by Aurailia Danning(pen name).. aka Gramma)



Amazon Link to Purest Naturals Bath Bombs

Video Review of Purest Naturals Bath Bombs

After a long hard day doing anything, I love to take a hot bath and soak.. It makes all my muscles and bones feel better.. What makes them feel even better than that? Using a bath bomb! These are great for relaxing in the bath, relaxing your muscles or mind and feeling like a million bucks when you step out of that bath.. I love to just put up a candle and sit back and close my eyes..

These bath bombs are made to dissolve quickly and not leave your bath feeling gritty or slimy..  These Purest Natural bath bombs are one hundred percent organic and they stand behind their product all the way.. These are gluten and paraben free.. so you know you are getting a great quality product!

It’s as easy as 1..2..3… 1} Draw the bath to the temperature that is the most comfortable for you to enjoy it… 2} drop in the Purest Natural Bath Bomb of your choice (there are 6 to choose from in this set) … 3} get into the bath and enjoy the aroma and comfort of the bath bomb you have chosen! That easy!

this is a 6 bath bomb set:

Lavender – A fresh floral green fragrance with a relaxing effect.

Lemon – A tangy citrus smell that brightens dull skin.

Peppermint – A refreshing mint fragrance that opens the sinuses with a stimulating cooling effect.

Chamomile – An intensely deep, sweet and clean fragrance with a calming sedative effect.

Milk – A luscious fragrance that relaxes and moisturizer for the skin.

Jasmine – A strong yet sweet, pleasing and romantic fragrance that soothes the mind.

There is 4 ounces of essential oil in each bath bom.. That means you will get a great aroma and the best body comfort you can imagine!

I was given this set of bath bombs at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.. all opinions are my own!






Amazon Link to BeenWoon USB Camera

Video Review to Beenwoon USB Camera

This is a great idea to have around if you are trying to catch someone sneaky. It is a camera that looks like a normal USB drive, so the person you are trying to catch won’t know.. It can also double as a web cam if you need to. This comes with an 8G SD card so you have everything you need to get you started when it gets to you. This will record video and audio so you can capture importan information in a very discreet way. It is great if you are trying to catch a dog that has bad habits but is smart enough to not do it while you are watching them! Who knows, you might even capture something that will make it onto America’s Funniest Home Videos! This will make a great gift for your detective wannabe, or even that real life Private Detective. This comes with a one year warranty and a lifetime technical support, so you are assured of being able to get help or return it if it isn’t working correctly.

I was given this hidden USB camera at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.. All opinions are my own!